Biking The Great Allegheny Passage in Comfort

The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is a scenic 150-mile trail that runs from Cumberland, Maryland to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Completed in 2013, the trail was constructed on abandoned railroad beds and packed with crushed limestone, making it a smooth and enjoyable surface for bike riding. The trail is mostly level with the steepest grade from Cumberland to Deal, which is approximately at 1.75% grade. The section between Meyersdale and Frostburg has some of the most spectacular views you will ever encounter on a bike trail, featuring the Big Savage Tunnel and the Eastern Continental Divide. Take a deep breath of that fresh mountain air!

Maple Leaf Outfitters provides a selection of support and comfort services for families, couples, small groups, and individuals who wish to bike and camp as they travel along the GAP. We can assist you with trip planning, camp set-up, transportation of your camping gear and personal belongings, and provide additional services to make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable. You do the biking each day and let us do the rest! Look at that scenery!

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Let Maple Leaf Outfitters make your trip much more enjoyable and simplify your trip on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) by not loading yourself down with your clothing and necessities. You do the biking and travel light while you have your luggage waiting when you arrive at your next destination of your choice while putting less stress on yourself and your bike!

Maple Leaf Outfitters has many Luggage Shuttling options for you from Daily Luggage Shuttling to entire GAP packages. Let Maple Leaf Outfitters customize your package to suit your personal needs.

Your luggage will be transported from any trailside location to your destination safely and securely.

Luggage or Travel Bag Dimensions/Pricing

Prices are limited to 4 bags and are for luggage or travel bags with a maximum weight of 40 pounds.

Additional or Oversized Luggage

Luggage weighing more than 40 pounds and measuring more than 62 inches will not be accepted unless prior arrangements are made. Additional fees may be applied for each oversized piece of luggage or each additional piece of luggage over the limit.

Contact Maple Leaf Outfitters and let’s talk about a custom Luggage Shuttling Package today!