Biking The Great Allegheny Passage in Comfort

The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is a scenic 150-mile trail that runs from Cumberland, Maryland to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Completed in 2013, the trail was constructed on abandoned railroad beds and packed with crushed limestone, making it a smooth and enjoyable surface for bike riding. The trail is mostly level with the steepest grade from Cumberland to Deal, with an approximate 1.75% grade. The section between Meyersdale and Frostburg has some of the most spectacular views you will ever encounter on a bike trail, featuring the Big Savage Tunnel and the Eastern Continental Divide. Take a deep breath of that fresh mountain air!

Great Allegheny Passage Elevation Changes

Great Allegheny Bike Trip Consulting

Maple Leaf Outfitters provides a selection of support and comfort services for families, couples, small groups, and individuals who wish to bike and camp as they travel along the GAP. We can assist you with trip planning, camp set-up and dismantling, luggage shuttling which includes safe and secure transportation of your camping gear and personal belongings. We also provide additional consulting services to make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable. We know all of the good places!

You do the biking, sightseeing and fresh air breathing each day and we’ll do the rest!

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Average GAP Speeds

Hikers usually travel at speeds of 2 to 3 MPH.
Bikers usually travel 8 to 12 MPH.
There is a speed limit of 15 MPH on the GAP.

GAP Etiquette

Please view all trail rules.
When leaving the GAP to head into towns, please abide by the rules of the road.
When traveling on town roads, you are considered a vehicle. Please travel single file abiding by all traffic signs and lights.
Please do not travel on sidewalks.
Please be cognizant where you are leaving, chaining/locking your bike when visiting restaurants, shops and overnight accommodations.

Horses and Other Activities on the GAP

The GAP is open Dawn to Dusk.
Motorized vehicles are NOT permitted on the GAP.
Sections of the GAP are open to equestrians/horse riders, but only in the grass areas between Boston and Connellsville, Rockwood and Garrett and Frostburg to the State line of Maryland.
Winter snow brings cross country skiers and snow shoeing.

View and Print The Great Allegheny Passage Map